Software solutions
for the insurance Industry
  • Gain market shares by safely insuring clients after a medical event

  • Decrease payout ratios by identifying high risk or uninsurable travellers

  • Properly price premiums through accurate risk assessment

A word from the founders and medical advisors

The travel Insurance industry is currently mis-pricing policies and inaccurately assessing risk following a cardiac medical event or procedure.

Demand for travel insurance as well as premiums and denials are increasing significantly due to greater demand from aging baby boomers with underlying medical conditions.

We have developed an evidence-based, technology-driven calculator of short-term medical risk. A more accurate assessment of risk allows insurance companies to gain market share by increasing the number of potentially insurable travellers while simultaneously reducing payouts arising from medical claims.

Insurance companies adjusting their underwriting criteria with our evidenced-based tool will have a competitive market advantage for better selecting insurable clients while statistically lowering their risk.

As loss ratios reduce, travellers would also benefit, not only from insurability for earlier travel, but also in the long term with lower premiums yet greater margins.

Furthermore, MedTech Insurance was conceived for the efficient flow of information between subscribers, insurance companies, and treating physicians in a secure manner, protecting privacy.

Dr Christian Lamarre, MD, FACEP, FAAFP, FCCFP (em)

Dr David Ian Paterson, MD, Professor cardiology